What Are The Sweetest Gift for Mother’s Day

It's not the money you spent to show how you're serious on the gift selection, it's your time. We don't recommend you the latest technology such as VR for your kids or mom, neither do we recommend the usual scarf or saucers. Below please find the sweetest gifts that might draw your kids or mom's real attention.


Emie Elfy Companion Light

Elfy is a great companion as sweet as Baymax. It always listens to you and won't be bored. When you're angry, it's angry; when you're happy, it's happy, too. You may touch or even bite its FDA-approved skin, and it will change the lamp color. So sweet it is. With the dim light, you can sleep with it and go to bathroom with it. The elfy light could be treated as a doll, a night light, a buddy light, or a great companion for elders.


Oaxis BENTO NFC Speaker

You may simply put your phone over the BENTO to fill your room with music, instead of connecting to blue-tooth. BENTO won world's top design award IF with his idea actually.


MakeTheOne Dusk to Dawn Night Light Charging Two Phones

This gift is very practical. More than the normal night light as it is, it provides two USB charging ports. For children and elders, we don't recommend them to find sockets and plug them to the wall power. So this is a best useful tool.


ULBRE Portable Projector

We won't recommend you the LCD low-contrast projectors, while DLP mobile projectors are usually pretty expensive. Among the sea of emerging brands, ULBRE 201 stands out. ULBRE 201 with DLP technology, is no larger than your palm. Both USB and HDMI input work to present a 800X400 60inch screen. It's pretty clear and the color is saturated. The shortcomings are 1. The projector inner speaker is not great; 2. It doesn't install android system. Considering its price <$200, it's still worthwhile.


Mangrove Running Belt Water-repellent

It seems a fad that running belt overwhelms armband now. The Mangrove 380 running belt features both water-repellent membrane and anti-sweat layer with high elastic breathable Lycra, which stands out from the low quality products. Whatever which gift you choose for your mother, it's a warmly behavior you find them out, and you are willing to invest your time to be happy with your family and your life. Anyway, when you finding sweetest gift for mother, don't forget you can find the best men's gift for father.

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