Biref Introduction of Mangrove Bags Series

1.Leisure Series


Design Features:

  • Simple and Leisure
  • Combined with fashion design elements
  • Mainly Neutral Style
  • Cater to daily activities needs, such as phone pockets, common interlayers design
  • Adopting mid to top range fabrics

Product Type: Mainly shoulder bags and waist bags, a few simple backpacks
Use: Daily and leisure activities


2.Trekking Series: Alaska


Design Features:

  • Design for outdoor activies needs
  • Adopting high-end and durable fabrics and auxilary material
  • Breathable and comfortable bearing system
  • Professional and practical compartments design
  • Functional details design
  • With water outlet

Product Type: mainly large backpack bigger than 30L, a few mountaineering big bags
Use: Outdoor acivities, such as trekking hiking, mountaineering

3.Trekking Series: Polar


Design Features:

  • Design for outdoor activities
  • Style simplier than alaska series but also cater to outdoor activities needs

Product Type: manily 15L-30L backpack, no big mountaineering bag
Use: Outdoor acivities, such as trekking hiking, mountaineering


4.Fashion Series


Design Features:

  • Adopting fashion elements, applying bright and fashionable colors and patterns
  • Mainly for women
  • Unique printing embroidery design

Product Type: Mianly shoulder bags, backpacks and women bags
Use: daily and leisure activities


5.High-end Series


Design Features:

  • Top class series
  • Made with high technology, such as seamless pressing adhesive and ultrasonic wave

Product Type: mainly backpacks
Use: all-day activities,such as outdoor exploration

6.Business Series


Design Features:

  • Gentle business trip and work series
  • Consideration of business and work needs, such as interlayer for PC, pocket for pens,notebook and stationery protecting pocket
  • Adopting high-end material, such as thin cotton protecting PC
  • Relatively high-end series

Product Type: Mainly handbag, a few trolley bags
Use: Work and business trip

7. Equator Series

8. Mountaineering Series

9. Leisure Travelling Series