About Us

MANGROVE Brand Introduction

MANGROVE products include mainly clothing, bags, shoes and sleeping bags whose brand registration and concept are from the United Kingdom.

Mangrove, whose Chinese meaning is a growth in evergreen shrub of tides, can overcome the different environmental conditions. The spirit of MANGROVE is to have a positive attitude towards nature and life.


Product Conception

To provide high-end, attractive product for those travel and outdoor enthusiasts, we develop a series of products to reflect a natural attitude to life. Selection of international top suppliers of fabrics and ingredients, the integration of the wearer's needs, coupled with the designer's precision mind, combined with the world's most fashionable elements, can make the individual feel unique.


Brand Advocacy

Every product in MANGROVE is devoted to the passion and love of the maker. It provides professional outdoor leisure equipment to cater needs of people who yearn for nature to find the joy of life. Today's outdoor sports brand should return to the essence of life, more humane connotation. Not only are the extreme sports, but professional sports are "outdoors"… Outdoor leisure life makes ordinary people like you and I enjoy the same experience.


Essentials of Brand

MIX TRENDY&INNOVATIVE: professional and fashion integration.